Global Data Analysis of Clinical Development: Top Five Studied Disease Areas in 2023

Our annual global clinical development analysis leverages data from almost 100 million patients using Phesi's Trial Acceleratorâ„¢ platform. This year's analysis of 65,749 recruiting clinical trials shows that breast cancer remains the most studied disease for the third year running, followed by solid tumors and stroke. Trial recruitment across the top five studied indications has increased, however 28% of Phase II trials were cancelled and the long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic looks set to stretch into 2025 before Phase II trials return to their pre-pandemic attrition levels. Discover 2023's top recruiting sites across the world and the implications for trial design and execution in 2024 by downloading our report.


Key  areas covered:

  • Top Five Studied Disease Areas  
  • Trial Activity and Phase II Attrition Rates
  • Recruiting Investigator Sites by Country 
  • Implications for Trial Design and Execution 

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